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Twin Cities Business magazine: Susan Marvin Sees Through the Recession


In this month’s Twin Cities Business cover story, writer Patricia Kelly talks with Susan Marvin, president of Marvin Windows and Doors, about the company’s approach to weathering the economic storm and preparing for a solid rebound when the time is right.

From the article:

While the current economy creates pressure to [change the company's strategy], that would be allowing a relatively short-term crisis to cloud her company’s long-term vision of itself. “That takes you down into a market that we’ve chosen to stay away from,” Marvin says. “We’re a premier supplier, not a commodity supplier. We’re really good at marketing premier products. We’d be lost if we got into the commodity market.” [...]

Marvin Windows and Doors has closed no facilities and made no layoffs to help it through this downturn. Instead, the company is relying on innovative products, adherence to its brand and core abilities, and the support of its work force and community to see it through to better times.

The article also talks about the Marvin family’s contributions to the town of Warroad, Minn., where the company is based. You can read the full story at