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Interior view of the Ultimate Push-Out Casement

The Window You Have Got To See: Marvin Expands Award-Winning Ultimate Casement Collection


Can a window change your home? Marvin Windows and Doors thinks so. Their industry-first window, the Ultimate Casement, brought such flexibility and ease to home design that it is now the centerpiece of a collection, which also includes:

These new window options will be launched today at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas (Marvin Windows and Doors is located at C6833).

While the Ultimate Casement is known for its ease of installation, variety of sizes up to 40″ by 92″ and countless design options, its signature feature is the unique, industry-first wash-mode.

Every year, more than 220,000 Americans visit the emergency room after a fall from a ladder. With this revolutionary window, you lose the ladder forever. Using the wash-mode, the Ultimate Casement swivels 140 degrees to let you wash the outside of the window from inside the house.

2009 New Additions:

Ultimate Push-Out Casement and Awning

Demonstrating the wash-mode

Unlike crank out casements and awnings, the Ultimate Push Out Casement and Awning have handles that opens the window in a simple turn.  Push out hardware was the original way of opening a casement window and it is known for its classic look.

  • The durable, commercial-grade hardware allows for large sizes, numerous configurations and enables the revolutionary wash-mode.
  • In order to have a screen that works with the wash mode, the Ultimate Push Out Casement and Awning employ a swinging screen.
    • This elegant screen is easy to operate: simply pull on the knob and the screen swings inward.
  • Homeowners can choose Marvin’s exclusive sash limiter to control how much the window opens, without sacrificing egress.  Easily opened to various degrees, the sash limiter gives homeowners the choice of letting in as much fresh air as they choose.
  • A multi-point locking system ensures that the window tightly seals with the ease of using one handle to lock at multiple points along the stile.
  • Like all Marvin products, the Ultimate Push Out Casement and Awning has Low E II insulating glass with argon gas between the panes as a standard.  Tri-pane insulating glass will now be offered as an option for even more energy efficient windows.
  • The Ultimate Push Out Casement and Awning also comes in all wood or wood-clad.  Marvin’s popular wood-clad windows have a strong, durable extruded aluminum exterior and a wood interior.
    • A 70 percent Kynar® 500 finish on the cladding helps colors remain rich and bright, while a choice of 19 clad colors and nine casings means that the desired look can be achieved.
    • The wood window option, with wood on the interior and exterior, offers a look of historical accuracy and choice, since the wood can be painted different colors.

QUOTE “The Ultimate Casement with crank out hardware has been so popular that we are thrilled to offer the Ultimate Push Out Casement.  Marvin is all about offering our customers choices, and the Ultimate Push Out Casement is a great new option for people who prefer traditional styling with modern features like the wash mode and multi-point hardware.”

Thomas Goetz, Product Planner

Ultimate Round Top

Exterior view of the Ultimate Round Top Window

The Ultimate Round Top meets egress even at smaller sizes and is perfect for homeowners looking to expand their view.

  • Opening close to the jamb, the Ultimate Round Top lets in the maximum amount of fresh air and gives unobstructed views.
  • Marvin offers over 60 Ultimate Round Top shapes, including non-operational circular and oval windows to offer the perfect accent to a home.
  • A perfect complement to the entire Ultimate Casement and Awning Collection, the numerous sizes can be used with those products to create numerous configurations of unique designs.
  • To complete the exterior look, Marvin’s extruded aluminum cladding with a 70 percent Kynar 500® finish adds the perfect splash of color. This durable cladding, available in 19 colors and nine casings, adds exquisite, yet low-maintenance, detail.

QUOTE: “Ever since Marvin Windows and Doors introduced the round top window back to the market many years ago, we’ve known how much our customers like it.  And its popularity continues to grow since it fits in well with many types of homes, either as a focal point or accent window.  The Ultimate Round Top is a quality window and adds greatly to our Ultimate Casement Collection.  With all the options, homeowners can choose their perfect round top look.”

Thomas Goetz, Senior Product Planner

Wood Ultimate Casement and Awning

Exterior view of the Wood Ultimate Casement

The most innovative window of the year is now available with the classic beauty of wood inside and outside. This new addition to the Ultimate Casement and Awning Collection will continue to add to Marvin’s value and offer important features for builders, remodelers, architects and homeowners.

  • The Wood Ultimate Casement’s largest size is 40″ wide x 92″ tall or 36″ wide x 96″ tall and the awning window can reach a maximum size of 72″ x 72″.
  • With these large sizes comes the need for ultimate performance and Marvin delivers.  The Wood Ultimate Casement has a commercial rating (CW), design pressure rating of 50 and can hold a 150-lb. sash.  The commercial-grade hardware, the most durable on the market today, allows the window to operate smoothly.
    • Unlike other casement windows, which can take up to 18 cranks to open, the Wood Ultimate Casement opens in only nine cranks.
  • The Wood Ultimate Casement features a traditional exterior, with beautiful shadow lines to elevate any home’s appearance.
  • The Wood Ultimate Casement offers easy installation. Removable interior covers and pre-drilled jamb holes provide a clean, finished appearance.


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