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The Strength of Company and Community


We’re proud to see this recognition of Integrity’s sister company, Marvin Windows and Doors, by management expert Donald Delves in this great column for Forbes. Delves explores how the bond between Marvin, our hometown of Warroad and our valued workers has resulted in a healthy company and a healthy community.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Aside from the admiration and respect of employees, what has the company received in return for its commitment to employees? Marvin’s reliability as an employer has created a workforce that can be relied on for high-quality craftsmanship and meticulous quality control, sustained by strong esprit de corps stemming from a highly positive plant culture.”

That same positive culture extends across all the Marvin companies and locations. Thanks, Mr. Delves. We’re glad you recognize a culture that has been nurtured for generations — and that we will always work to strengthen.