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The Importance of Trust


Ed Salin is probably one of the best-known people in our hometown of Warroad, Minn. He started with Marvin Windows in 1964 as a truck driver and later spent many years in sales. Now he serves as a tours and training guide in our main factory, leading groups of builders, architects, dealers and other customers through the 2 million-square-foot facility.

We were talking with Ed recently about trust. That’s a subject that doesn’t seem to get a lot of discussion in the business world these days. But for Ed, it’s a fundamental part of his experience with Marvin, going right back to his early days with the company.

“The biggest thing about the Marvin heritage is honesty and trust,” Ed said. In his sales days, he thought of his role as less of a salesman and more of a guide, helping each customer make the right decision for their particular circumstances. And dealers always knew — as they do today — that Marvin would stand behind its products.

“We’ve stood behind products that we didn’t have to,” Ed said. “But first and foremost, we take care of our customers. We live up to that trust.”

Thanks, Ed — we couldn’t have said it any better.