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Star Tribune reports on "Windows of opportunity"


Liz Fedor, a reporter at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, took a trip to Marvin Windows and Doors’ headquarters in Warroad, Minn., and talked with Susan Marvin, the company’s president, about how the company is preparing to boost production quickly when orders ramp up.

From the article:

The company has avoided debt and continued to develop new products despite the economic downturn. A federal tax credit for energy-efficient windows may also spur more sales, as it did earlier this year at Marvin’s Infinity replacement windows unit. And because Marvin didn’t lay people off — it put most employees on a 32-hour workweek instead — the company can quickly ramp back up to full capacity.

“When the market turns, we are not going to be looking and then training,” said Marvin, part of the third generation now running the company. “We are going to have a trained workforce ready to roll.”

Read the full story here.