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Sarah Susanka and Her Marvin Window


Acclaimed architect Sarah Susanka designed this Venting Picture Window for her own home; Marvin Windows and Doors built it

Sarah Susanka, author of the groundbreaking “Not So Big House” series, got a chance to visit her own personal window at the Remodeling Show.

Sarah designed this window for the myMarvin Project, and Marvin built it to be installed in her own home in North Carolina. It’s an Ultimate┬áVenting Picture Window, clad in Marvin’s rugged extruded aluminum, with cherry wood on the interior. The entire sash projects out about an inch from the frame, allowing for natural ventilation, while an ingenious built-in perimeter screen keeps insects out.

The circle-within-a-square design highlights Sarah’s love of archetypal forms, and the small square sections of beveled glass diffuse the light into spectrums.

Sarah says she loves her window, but it’s been making the rounds of many industry shows and events, so she actually hasn’t been able to install it yet! Soon, Sarah — soon.

This and the other artist-designed windows in the myMarvin Project are also available to be built for any homeowner who’d like them.