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Recapping the 2011 International Builders' Show


What a week. The 2011 International Builders’ Show has had the construction industry hopping for the past several days, and as the show’s attendees get ready to head home, we thought it’d be a good idea to put the highlights of what Marvin has been up to this week in a nice little package for the weekend.

Here’s what we did during IBS:

Marvin reported on some big trends in the construction industry, like these six upcoming home design and building trends for 2011 (with videos!) and a look at the latest in energy efficiency on Green Day, including our continued support of the ENERGY STAR program.

Marvin unveiled an array of new and improved products — a beautifully updated glider window, our most energy-efficient window to date, more options for our grilles-between-the-glass windows, and a host of improvements to the Ultimate Inswing French Door.

Marvin showcased other cool products from the Builders’ Show, like this outdoor space heater, a toilet with self-closing lid, and a power station for charging electric cars.

Marvin interviewed a bunch of smart folks, including home improvement blogger Timothy Dahl, universal design pro Esther Greenhouse, and building supplier Mark Pollari.