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Now even better: Redesigned StormPlus Ultimate Double-Hung


Industry-Leading Impact Products Have New Look But Same Top Performance

Warroad, Minn. – There’s exciting news for residents of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico coastal regions. Marvin’s industry-leading IZ3 StormPlus Clad Ultimate Double Hung has been redesigned for a sleeker appearance – without sacrificing any of its high performance.

Both the standard and Round Top versions of this popular impact-zone window have been reengineered for strength and aesthetics. Features and improvements include:

  • No visible reinforcement when window is closed and locked
  • Elimination of pull-out clips
  • Window meets rigorous IZ3 code requirements when closed and locked
  • Improved check rails allow a strong interlock in center of window
  • Tilt pins and tilt blades strengthened
  • Stiles reinforced
  • Sill brackets assist with bottom sash retention
  • Elimination of exterior sash stays on bottom sash
  • Design Pressure of LC +55/-65 on all sizes
  • Annealed exterior pane standard, with tempered option
  • Frame-to-frame mulling is certified on all sizes
  • Offered in all 19 Marvin exterior clad colors, 7 wood species and 8 hardware finishes to complement other Marvin windows

“These are significant improvements to our IZ3 Ultimate Double Hung,” said Christine Marvin, director of marketing for Marvin Windows and Doors. “We’ve improved the aesthetics to closely match our non-impact zone products – while sacrificing none of the rigorously tested performance.”