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Panasonic WhisperGREEN LED

News highlights from the first day of IBS 2013


The 2013 International Builder’s Show is officially underway and the energy remained high throughout the opening day. The Walt Disney Company’s CEO, Michael Eisner, kicked things off at the show with a motivating keynote. Eisner used his own experiences with Disney and The Tornante Company to help attendees understand more about how to build a strong business and strong work community.

If the opening ceremonies weren’t enough, the buzz continued throughout the day due to big announcement from the National Association of Home Builders. The organization announced that starting in 2014 the International Builder’s Show and the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show will be held simultaneously in Las Vegas, creating what will be known as Design and Construction Week. The two shows will remain separated as two distinct shows but will both be housed in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Beyond all of the innovative windows and doors on display in the Marvin and Integrity Windows and Doors’ booth we’re pulling together some of the other news highlights from the first day at 2013 IBS.

Owens Corning had several different announcements that it showed off on day one of IBS. First, the company announced its new EnergyComplete Sealant, which helps to prevent energy loss by air exchange and reduces the chance of mold growth in the walls. Additionally, it introduced the VentSure Inflow Vent roofing system. This new system takes in air from vents at the top of the roof and provides intake air on the lower roof, helping to reduce many problems that face attics – like heat and moisture buildup.

The global electronics company Panasonic had another unveiling for attendees of 2013 IBS. The company announced today that it would be expanding their line of WhisperGreen Ventilation Fans with the WhisperGreen LED. These new fans, produced by Panasonic’s Eco Products Division, will include an LED light and fan combination, making them even more energy efficient.  One great features of this new product includes new technology to ensure all harmful pollutants and compounds are disposed of, creating a cleaner indoor environment. Also, the WhisperGreen LED uses motion sensor technology to increase ventilation when it senses someone in the room and will automatically reduce its energy usage if the room is empty.

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