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Marvin's New Ultimate Venting Picture Window: Beauty and the Breeze


Building on a legacy of industry-leading innovation, Marvin Windows and Doors introduces the Ultimate Venting Picture Window – a window that provides the unique combination of unobstructed views and cross ventilation. The window’s sash projects outward to reveal a screened-in opening that vents stagnant air, reduces condensation and keeps out insects.

“Marvin’s Ultimate Venting Picture Window solves an issue that has challenged the industry for decades,” said David Hipke, product planner for Marvin. “Historically, homeowners and architects have had to make a trade-off between enjoying big, beautiful unobstructed views and ventilation. If they choose to install stationary windows with large expanses of glass, they have a spectacular view but windows that can’t open. The alternative was to mull multiple operating units to achieve ventilation, but then screens, hardware and mull posts would interfere with the view. With Marvin’s Ultimate Venting Picture Window, there are no more trade-offs.”

The Ultimate Venting Picture Window’s patent-pending hidden screen resists mold, mildew and ultraviolet rays. This screen surrounds the full perimeter when the window projects outward, allowing air to circulate and keeping bugs at bay without obstructing the view. It attaches to the sash at a single point to ensure strength and durability over time, and minimize stress during operation.

Whether in an open or closed position, the Ultimate Venting Picture Window maintains consistent sight lines for architectural integrity. From the exterior view, the window appears closed at all times. This gives users a sense of security when opening their windows at night, while architects appreciate the uniformity it provides to the outside of the home. The Ultimate Venting Picture Window’s profiles match Marvin’s Ultimate Casement sight lines to maintain aesthetics and continuity in design on the interior.

In addition to its aesthetic benefits, the projection will not interfere with decks, flowerboxes or sidewalk traffic, and reduces risks associated with larger openings for pets and small children.

Additional features of Marvin’s Ultimate Venting Picture Window include:

  • Ergonomically engineered operating handles –aMarvin exclusive –  provide the control and confidence required for easy sash projection while complementing the style of Marvin’s Ultimate Casement and Awning
  • Patent-pending hinge arms that offer smooth, durable and intuitive operation
  • Design Pressure (DP) ratings meet commercial-grade requirements for air, water and structural infiltration – up to a DP 40 rating on many sizes
  • Wide size ranges enable flexibility in design