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Marvin's New Retractable Screen for Ultimate Casement Line


Marvin Windows and Doors continues to add to its Ultimate Casement line with the addition of the cleverly concealed Retractable Screen.  This creative screening solution allows screen operators to glide the screen into position when needed.  When not needed, it folds neatly into the jamb and is almost invisible.

The Retractable Screen is available on the crank-out Ultimate Casement and Ultimate Awning.  Depending on the direction the window opens, the Retractable Screen will slide from either the left or right side.  Gliding on a smooth track, the screen easily locks into place on the opposite side.

Marvin’s unique design of operating the Retractable Screen from the side, rather than the top, means that even with the largest window, there is no need to use a stepstool to operate the screen.  When the Retractable Screen is used with the Ultimate Awning, it will operate from the top.

When the screen is not in use, it is virtually indistinguishable from the window frame.  It comes in all of Marvin’s wood species to perfectly match the interior of the window.

Exclusively available in Marvin’s Hi Transparency mesh, the Retractable Screen lets users see the world outside their windows even more clearly.  Offering a brighter, clearer view, the Hi Transparency screen’s fine mesh is less visible than traditional screens.  The Hi Transparency screen is made from a durable fiberglass material that is tear- and dent-resistant.

The Retractable Screen is appropriate for Ultimate Casement and Awning windows and Ultimate Replacement Casement and Ultimate Replacement Awning windows.  Its retro-fit capabilities with the Ultimate Casement and easy installation make it perfect for builders and remodelers, while its easy operation and beauty will serve homeowners well.

Thomas Goetz, Marvin Senior Product Planner, said, “The Retractable Screen makes our Ultimate Casement even better. When the Hi Transparency screen is not in use, it is nearly invisible for ultimate convenience. Its smart design, flexibility and ingenuity will be appreciated by anyone installing or retrofitting an Ultimate Casement.”

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