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Marvin's New IZ3 Ultimate Casement Window Withstands Winds Up To 140 MPH


Marvin’s innovative Ultimate Casement is now available for Impact Zone 3.  This new addition to the “Ultimate” collection will continue to add to Marvin’s value and offer great features for builders, remodelers, architects and homeowners.

Not only are these new windows beautiful, with many design and large sizing options, but they are also easy to install and are built with the quality Marvin is known for.

In addition to the IZ3 Ultimate Casement, Marvin Windows and Doors is also offering an IZ3 Ultimate Casement Picture window. Each window has matching profiles to seamlessly blend together in various configurations. With these design options it is easy to achieve the exact look needed.

IZ3 Ultimate Casement products are designed for Impact Zone 3 areas. These windows have been designed to meet the rigorous standards required by this zone, including withstanding winds of 120 to 140 miles per hour and extensive pressure testing.  IZ3 Ultimate Casement products have a Design Pressure (DP) rating of 65. Annealed glass is used on all exterior panes, with a tempered glazing option available as well. Perhaps best of all, the IZ3 Ultimate Casement is built without visible reinforcements to keep the beautiful look of the window intact.

When the look of a double hung is preferred, but casement windows are needed for egress purposes, or because homeowners prefer the performance of a casement, the IZ3 Ultimate Casement delivers with design flexibility. A simulated check rail and a wide bottom rail mimic the look of a double hung, allowing a home to keep its architectural style and have the top-notch performance of the Ultimate Casement. And now Marvin gives homeowners, builders and architects the ability to have extremely large sizes—among the largest in the industry.  The IZ3 Ultimate Casement’s largest size is 36” wide x 96” tall.

With these large sizes comes the need for ultimate performance and Marvin delivers.  The IZ3 Ultimate Casement can hold a 150-lb. sash.  The commercial-grade hardware allows the window to operate smoothly. Unlike other casement windows, which can take up to 14 cranks to open, the IZ3 Ultimate Casement opens in only nine cranks. A folding handle unobtrusively blends in with window treatments and the cover and lock handle set also remove for easy painting and staining.

The IZ3 Ultimate Casement meets egress even at smaller sizes and is perfect for homeowners looking to expand their view. Opening close to the jamb, the IZ3 Ultimate Casement lets in the maximum amount of fresh air and gives unobstructed views.

Like the standard Ultimate Casement product, the IZ3 version utilizes the revolutionary wash mode.  In three simple steps, users can rotate the exterior glass to the interior to wash it:

  • Crank handle twice.
  • Push down on the hardware arm and push the window away. Then crank the handle back.
  • Swing window all the way open, pulling it across towards the lock for accessibility to exterior glass.

With the wash mode, there is no need for ladders or scaffolding to get windows clean.  And since the IZ3 Ultimate Casement can be washed entirely from the interior, there is no risk of falling from upper floors. Windows on second- and third-stories can be easily cleaned to keep views clear.

The IZ3 Ultimate Casement features a traditional exterior, with beautiful shadow lines that fit well into any sort of home.

Installation of the IZ3 Ultimate Casement is easy. Removable interior covers and pre-drilled jamb holes provide a clean, finished appearance. Adjustable hinges allow for fine-tuned installation and provide a snug fit over time. And since Marvin makes every window in any size that is needed, the IZ3 Ultimate Casement will always fit perfectly.

To complete the exterior look of the IZ3 Ultimate Casement, Marvin’s extruded aluminum cladding with a 70 percent Kynar 500® finish adds the perfect splash of color. This durable cladding, available in 19 colors and nine casings, adds exquisite, yet low-maintenance, detail.

The IZ3 Ultimate Casement helps improve a home’s energy efficiency with low E II insulating glass with argon to keep heat inside in the winter and out in the summer, lowering heating and cooling bills. The IZ3 Ultimate Casement is solidly constructed to not only be energy efficient, but also to be beautiful.

Seth Stohs, Regulatory Product Planner, says, “We’ve seen how successful our Ultimate Casement product has been around the country, and we are thrilled to offer the highly innovative and impact-tested IZ3 Ultimate Casement in coastal markets.  A new home or an addition will be greatly enhanced by the IZ3 Ultimate Casement’s strength and beauty, as well as its convenient wash mode.”

For more information about the IZ3 Ultimate Casement, call 888-537-8266 or visit