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Marvin Windows and Doors wins 2012 Family Business Award


“With a long-term outlook and an unwavering commitment to community, the Marvin family has built much more than a century-old window and door company.” –Twin Cities Business magazine

Marvin Windows and Doors is honored to be among a select group of companies to win the 2012 Family Business Award from Twin Cities Business magazine. The Family Business Awards honor five outstanding family-owned businesses and the value they add to the Minnesota’s economy and overall quality of life. These businesses have strong records of success, family involvement, community service and philanthropy, multi-generational culture, and a positive family business structure.

In the magazine’s profile of the company, assistant editor Jake Anderson writes:

The family attributes its success to an unwavering commitment to the long term—for the company and the communities in which it operates. “We all have the same goal: The success of the business is more important than any of our individual needs or successes,” says Susan Marvin. “When it comes to making hard decisions, you step back, take yourself out of it, and ask, ‘What will make the business sustainable?’ ” […]

Marvin slashed salaries by 5 percent, cut hours, and suspended some benefits—but two measures remained off-limits. “We reduced our expenditures in any way we could—except we did not lay people off or touch health care,” Susan Marvin says.

Marvin’s vow to avoid layoffs “speaks to a long-term vision and desire to maintain communities in which we live, work, and play,” Christine Marvin says. (The company’s commitment to its workforce was detailed in the New York Times, and President Barack Obama has lauded the company during televised speeches, including at the Democratic National Convention in August.)

Further, the editor’s note in the same issue of the magazine tells the story of Marvin’s history and how it shaped the company as it is today.