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"Marvin Windows and Doors get an A+ rating" from New England design-build professional


A writer for The Healing Home, a blog from the folks at Nicholas Borrell Designs, recently shared his thoughts on the virtues of Marvin windows and doors. We could summarize, but let’s just have the original words speak for themselves:

I have used Marvin products for at least 25 years. By adjusting product details as issues arise and by heeding  market demands, this is an American company that gets everything right. The evolution of their product line has led to unsurpassed aesthetic quality and function. [...] No, this is not a shill for the Marvin Company. It’s the truth.

The writer mentions the quality of the products, the dependable production and delivery schedule, the variety of sizes and options, and more. We’re starting to blush, so we’ll just say “thanks” and ask you to head over and read the full post at The Healing Home.