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Marvin Windows: 100 Years of Environmental Leadership


Five generations of the Marvin family have grown up in the beautiful north woods of Minnesota. Their close ties to the land are reflected in Marvin Windows and Doors’ leadership in environmentally responsible business practices.

Producing our windows from sustainably grown wood, using recycled metal and glass, even heating our plant with waste wood and sawdust — a cornerstone Marvin belief is being the greenest producer of windows and doors we can possibly be. We’re proud of the initiatives we’ve taken to achieve this goal.

  • Purchasing our raw lumber from North American suppliers who subscribe to the Sustainable Forest Initiative promoting forest stewardship.  By purchasing our lumber from North American suppliers, we’re supporting an industry that is actually increasing forest coverage.
  • Employing advanced manufacturing, engineering, and technology to ensure we use every scrap of the raw lumber possible, meaning fewer harvested trees are needed to run our operation.
  • Using from 40 percent to 98 percent recycled aluminum in our clad wood windows
  • Using from 15 percent to 33 percent crushed scrap glass in our glass batches
  • Using almost 13,000 tons of packaging and production waste each year to heat our main manufacturing facility in Warroad, Minn.
  • Actively participating in forest management education programs, including distributing more than 4,000 seedlings each year to employees and surrounding communities

Each year, our Warroad factory recycles:

  • 350 tons of cardboard
  • 90 tons of paper
  • 120 tons of plastic
  • 240 tons of scrap metal
  • 816,000 soda cans from our thirsty employees

Marvin’s environmental efforts have been recognized with a host of awards from groups including:

  • Minnesota Governor’s Office
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Waste Wise Minnesota
  • North Dakota Solid Waste and Recycling Association

Photo credit: MGSpiller via