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Marvin Unveils the Newest Addition to Its Scenic Doors Line With the Ultimate Multi-Slide Door


Available in large sizes and a variety of configurations, featuring easy operation and simple modular installation, this door brings the outdoors in like never before

WARROAD, Minn. – Marvin Windows and Doors’ Scenic Doors line has long been known for its ability to seamlessly bring the outdoors in, and now Marvin has added another option to its product lineup with the introduction of the Ultimate Multi-Slide Door.

Designed with narrow stiles and rails for maximum daylight openings and views, Marvin’s Ultimate Multi-Slide Door is as smooth to operate as it is dramatic to behold. Available in large sizes with standard widths up to 50’ wide and 12’ tall, this door comes in a variety of configurations that include pocket door panels that disappear completely into the wall or a stacked-panel configuration. Additionally, customers can choose to have up to six panels in a uni-directional configuration or up to 10 panels in a bi-directional configuration, offering the ultimate in design flexibility and unbelievable, wide-open views.

Another unique feature of Marvin’s Multi-Slide door is that even with its larger sizes, the stiles and rails of the Multi-Slide door do not differ based on width or height, offering complete design consistency. Furthermore, stainless steel wheels minimize users’ effort when operating the door, making for an easy, smooth experience, no matter the number of panels or size of the door.

Other unique features of the Multi-Slide door include:

  • A flush sill that not only provides a seamless transition between indoors and out, but also meets ADA threshold criteria, making it an attractive choice for those who want to embrace universal design principles in their home.
  • Pull-and-Latch-­style hardware that is recessed into the door panels, providing a comfortable grip and sleek look. This carefully selected hardware is perfect for today’s design preferences with square corners and minimal edges.
  • Multi-point lock that, when closed, adds extra security by locking the door in two places.
  • Easy installation for your building professional, because the Multi-Slide door consists of a modular frame that snaps together on-site and features drop-in panels.
  • Whole-house solutions, because the Multi-Slide door is available in a variety of finishes, wood species and styles, meaning you can now order a complete, matching window and door package for your home.

“We are excited to introduce the latest addition to the Scenic Doors family. The Ultimate Multi-Slide Door is engineered for size and features narrow profiles, wide-open expanses and performance backed by the beautiful design, quality and warranty for which Marvin is known,” said Christine Marvin, Director of Marketing at Marvin Windows and Doors. “The attractiveness of this new door is that it satisfies the demand for outdoor/indoor living and view maximization, regardless of traditional or contemporary architecture. This door transcends style and fulfills a need for an enhanced living environment.”

Marvin’s new Ultimate Multi-Slide Door will be available summer 2015, and it joins Marvin’s other Scenic Door products, which include the Ultimate Lift and Slide and Bi-Fold Doors. For more information, visit

About Marvin Windows and Doors

Marvin Windows and Doors brings its Built Around You® philosophy to life with every customer and every solution. A premier manufacturer of made-to-order wood and clad wood windows and doors, Marvin offers the industry’s most extensive selection of shapes, styles, sizes and options to fit the diverse needs of builders and match the personalities of homeowners. Marvin’s tradition of delivering the finest craftsmanship in windows and doors began in Warroad, Minn., a small town just six miles from the Canadian border, where the privately-held, family-owned and operated company is still headquartered today.