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Maj. Gen. Richard C. Nash, commander of the 34th Infantry, and Marvin Windows employee Forrest Cole

Marvin gets thanks from Minnesota's "Red Bull" Guard Division


Infantry leaders visit Warroad to express gratitude for support during Iraq deployment

WARROAD, Minn., Sept. 30, 2010 – Support from the home front is essential to the morale of U.S. soldiers serving overseas.

Employees of Marvin Windows and Doors provided that support to Minnesota’s 34th Infantry “Red Bull” Division of the U.S. Army National Guard during a year-long deployment in Iraq that ended earlier this year.

And that’s why “Red Bull” leaders were in Warroad this week, thanking Marvin employees for their assistance.

Marvin employees connected with soldiers of the Rosemount-based “Red Bulls” on a very human level. Their thoughtful actions included providing a Christmas tree and lights for the unit’s base in Basra; donating nearly 1,000 books; and hosting a dinner for a veterans’ fishing group on Lake of the Woods.

As a company, Marvin supports U.S. troops in other ways as well, including:

  • Holding jobs and promotions open during deployments
  • Paying for health insurance during transition periods between military and civilian life
  • Paying a salary differential for the first 30 days of service
  • Sending care packages to troops
  • Donating use of the company’s videoconference facilities
  • Donating use of the company plane to fly family members to visit critically injured soldiers

“We’re proud of our troops and of the way our employees have rallied behind them,” said Susan Marvin, president of Marvin Windows and Doors. “As a family-owned company with deep roots in our community, we feel a special bond with those who serve in defense of our nation and our way of life.

“It’s we who should be thanking them,” Marvin said. “But we’re humbled by the Guard’s recognition of our employees’ efforts to support our troops.”

“Red Bull” leaders making the visit to Warroad visit were Maj. Gen. Richard Nash; Brig. Gen. David Elicerio, Command Sgt. Maj. Douglas Julin and Chaplain (Lt. Col.) John Morris.

The Guard group met with Marvin employees during two sessions and toured the Marvin plant in Warroad.

Pictured: Maj. Gen. Richard C. Nash, commander of the 34th Infantry, and Marvin Windows employee Forrest Cole