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OXXO Glider Product

Marvin Expands Ultimate Glider to Four Panels


OXXO Ultimate Glider’s large size, sliding operation makes it a perfect fit for contemporary applications

Ever since it hit the market in 2011, Marvin’s Ultimate Glider has been known for its ability to give a contemporary look to even the tightest of spaces. Now Marvin has re-engineered the window for even more design flexibility with the new OXXO configuration for the Ultimate Glider.

“O” refers to non-operating panels and “X” refers to operating panels. Fixed sash on either side of the unit flank the two-center sash, which slide to each side for an unobstructed opening. The OXXO Ultimate Glider features:

  • A concealed multi-point lock, so it doesn’t distract from the window’s clean lines and beauty
  • An auto-lock system that allows the window to lock automatically when the window is closed, offering peace of mind
  • A handle set placed low on the window, making the OXXO Ultimate Glider ideal for universal design applications
  • The ability to remove the sashes for easy cleaning

“The Ultimate Glider works in any number of applications,” said Christine Marvin, Director of Marketing at Marvin Windows and Doors. “It’s a perfect solution for not only contemporary design but for situations where the homeowner is looking for a pass-through application between the kitchen and an entertaining space outside.”

The OXXO Ultimate Glider is available in sizes of 14’ wide by 6’ tall. Like all Marvin products, it is proudly handcrafted in the America.

The OXXO Glider is available through Marvin Signature Services.