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Kohler's Ultimate Bathing Experience



Now here’s a great reason to bring your bathing suit to the Builders’ Show — I sure wish I could have jumped in and tried the Fountainhead VibrAcoustic Bath from Kohler.

The tub combines water, vibrations and sound to create a unique bathing experience. The vibrations sweep through the water in concert with the music. You can choose from preprogrammed tracks or plug in your own music from an iPod or home network.

If you choose a relaxing, New-Agey kind of music, like the sort that was playing during this demo, your heartbeat will actually be lowered.

My wife loves to bathe and she’s frustrated by the small tub in our 1950s ranch house. She would *love* this! Hmm, our anniversary is coming up soon….

FInd out more at™-Hydrotherapy/content/CNT2400525.htm.