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Integrity's New Removable Wood Grilles: Elegant, Sturdy, Easy to Use


Integrity® from Marvin Windows and Doors answers demand with a removable wood grille fastening system: Elegant, sturdy and easy to use, these grilles offer more options for giving windows and doors a whole new look. The fastener allows for quick and easy removal and replacement of the grilles. 

The removable grille fasteners are made of heat-treated stainless steel that does not corrode.  They are completely concealed from view when the grilles are installed and will not mar existing wood on windows and doors.

Integrity’s grille fasteners are designed for maximum ease of use and design flexibility.  And since they remove easily from windows and doors, glass can be kept sparklingly clean.  There’s no need to clean around interior wooden bars; one lite of glass can simply be cleaned.

The removable grilles are especially useful for adding character and detail to windows and patio doors without replacing them.  Integrity’s grilles are available in varying widths and configurations and provide another option for enhancing windows and doors with a divided lite pattern without having simulated divided lites (SDL).

The grilles are available for all Wood-Ultrex products.

Laurie Reding, Integrity Marketing Director, says, “Our removable grille fastening system gives our customers an aesthetically pleasing removable grille with no visible fasteners.  Many people like the look of SDL but don’t like to have to clean around individual panes of glass. Removable wood grilles provide the classic look of SDL while Integrity’s grille fastener system allows for quick, easy removal and replacement of the grilles for cleaning.  Removable wood grilles offer the best of both worlds: they give the right look and remove quickly for cleaning.”