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Integrity Wood-Ultrex windows and doors: "I would recommend these to anyone"


Countless builders, architect and homeowners share photos and stories from construction, renovation and remodeling projects. These are big undertakings and people are rightfully proud of the work and, more so, the finished product. It’s always exciting to watch these developments unfold, and it’s a thrill to see a finished home that’s beautiful, comfortable and well-built.

We were pleased to find this post in the discussion forums of the popular website, in which a homeowner discusses — in great detail — the windows and doors he chose for his new home (which looks outstanding, by the way). He chose Integrity Wood-Ultrex windows and doors — everything from outswing French doors to casement windows to round-tops.

The homeowner wrote:

We are doing new construction on a south-facing lake lot. Lots of windows and a very agonizing search for windows. After hours and hours, we decided on Marvin Integrity (wood/ultrex). We wanted low maintenance but did not want clad windows.

We purchased the windows from AVI in Atlanta. Our sales rep was Peter Diehl. Absolutely the best sales and service. We went through 20 to 25 iterations and he never lost patience. We had a minor problem once installed and Peter arranged for a Marvin rep to come by who fixed them, no questions asked. The Marvin rep was also first-class.

The original¬†post at GardenWeb is full of nice photos and more details; be sure to check it out. We’re thrilled to hear your experience with Integrity Windows and Doors was a positive one, and thanks for sharing your story.