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IZ3 Special Sizes Beauty - small

Integrity Weathers the Storm in Style with IZ3 Wood-Ultrex IMPACT Windows in Special Sizes


Windows combine coastal toughness with beautiful design and size flexibility

FARGO, N.D. – Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors has introduced Special Sizes on its Wood-Ultrex windows for Impact Zone 3 (IZ3) to help coastal homes and buildings weather the storm.

Special Sizes, launched in 2012 on the Wood-Ultrex line, is enormously popular among builders and remodelers who need a perfect fit for non-standard-sized windows. With products available in 1/64” increments within the size matrix, Wood-Ultrex Special Sizes meet a need for high-quality fiberglass windows in the growing R&R market.

Now the quality, beauty and durability of Wood-Ultrex Special Sizes is available for IZ3 with IMPACT features including laminated glass and a multipoint sequential locking system to ensure consistent and secure weather-tight performance.

“Coastal building applications require some of the toughest products,” said Becky Felling, Director of Marketing at Integrity Windows and Doors. “When a home or building is in a hurricane zone, the stakes are even higher. Having an impact-rated window that performs well can make the difference between a structure that stands — and one that is destroyed.”

Much of the damage in severe storms occurs when windows or doors fail. When the home’s exterior seal is breached, wind and water can enter. That can lead to water damage, structural damage – even the roof lifting off.

Integrity’s IZ products have laminated glass to help keep the exterior seal intact. In addition to the special laminate used for IZ3 products, Integrity’s glass is energy efficient, with LoĒ2-272® and LoĒ3-366® offered, so homeowners who choose Integrity get both safety and energy efficiency. And since Ultrex is naturally so durable, a Wood-Ultrex IZ3 window looks just like any other Integrity window, with no visible reinforcements or clips to distract from its beauty. Optional corrosion-resistant hardware ensures that Integrity’s coastal hardware fights off rust even with constant exposure to salt, sun and sand.

Integrity delivers more than top performance. As part of its Built to Perform® promise, Integrity’s IZ3 Wood-Ultrex Special Size windows are delivered to the dealer within 10 business days.

Wood-Ultrex IZ3 windows in Special Sizes are available in casement, awnings, double hungs, polygons, picture and transom units. Homeowners, builders and remodelers have the choice of numerous configurations with IZ3 certified mulls for design flexibility. Integrity’s Wood-Ultrex IZ3 windows in Special Sizes offer all current product options such as grilles, exterior colors, hardware finishes, screens and Ultrex Exterior Trim for a beautifully complete look. IZ3 windows are available in both Special Sizes and Standard Sizes nationwide.

“Builders, remodelers and homeowners love our Wood-Ultrex line, our Special Sizes and our Impact products,” Felling said. “It just made sense to put them all together for a complete coastal solution. Wood-Ultrex IMPACT windows in Special Sizes go beyond the coast, though. They’re great for any home or building that needs a little extra security. For instance, if a homeowner is worried about break-ins, this window could be a great solution for the first floor. The laminated glass provides a strong barrier against forced entry and cannot be cut by glasscutters. Wherever they are used, specially sized Wood-Ultrex IMPACT windows combine the power of Ultrex, the beauty of wood and the flexibility of Special Sizes for an absolutely
unbeatable window.”