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Integrity Adds New Energy-Efficient Glass Option


LoĒ3-366 glass is now available as an option on products from Integrity Windows and Doors.

This glass provides superior energy efficiency with three layers of silver oxide. Like other Low E coatings, LoĒ3-366 glass keeps heat inside in the winter and outside during the summer, keeping houses and buildings comfortable and lowering energy bills. Unlike other Low E coatings, LoĒ3-366 glass has an improved U-value and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. There is a 66 percent light transmittance for improved solar and UV management.

Integrity products with LoĒ3-366 glass meet the standards for the $1,500 energy tax credit.

LoĒ3-366 glass, combined with the durable strength of Integrity windows and doors, offers builders an even more energy-efficient option that is virtually callback-free.

Laurie Reding, Integrity Marketing Director, says, “Integrity has always been a leader in energy efficiency.  We were on the leading edge of offering Low E II glass as a standard, and with the option of LoĒ3-366 glass, builders now can offer their customers even more energy efficient window and door products.”