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Housing Zone: Marvin's coastal solutions are "ready for impact"


In a recent feature about the importance of tough, durable windows and doors made specifically for coastal areas, Housing Zone assistant editor Abby Kleckler writes: ”Windows provide numerous benefits for homeowners, but when faced with severe weather, nothing is more important than impact resistance. Along coastal regions where hurricanes are strong possibilities, windows must be able to withstand high wind speeds as well as flying debris.”

The challenges facing architects, builders and home owners in coastal areas are very familiar to Marvin. We offer an array of Coastal Complete solutions as well as our durable and beautiful StormPlus line that marry the performance these coastal regions require with the beauty and style you expect from Marvin. In Housing Zone, Christine Marvin, director of marketing, says:

“You want your hurricane window to be as beautiful as possible. You don’t want it to necessarily look different than a standard window. Aesthetics are important. That doesn’t change if it’s on the coast or if it’s not on the coast.”

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