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Green Day at the Int'l Builders' Show


Christine Marvin, Marvin Windows and Doors, with Carter Oosterhouse, star of HGTV Carter Can

Today marks the fourth annual Green Day at the NAHB International Builders’ Show. Marvin Windows and Doors is a proud sponsor as green day is an everyday concept for Marvin. Nestled in the far north woods of Minnesota in the small town of Warroad, Marvin has no choice but to reduce, reuse and recycle as it makes some of the industry’s finest and most energy efficient windows and doors.

As part of the day, Marvin Windows and Doors participated in a press briefing alongside Carter Oosterhouse, star of HGTV’s Carter Can. Other Green Day sponsors included BASF, Kohler and The Council for Responsible Energy.

Below is a summary of Christine Marvin’s remarks.

There’s a very good reason why Marvin has been a regular sponsor of these Green Day activities. It’s because the green values of energy efficiency and sustainability are part of everything we do. Using proven technologies, coupled with constant refinement and thoughtful innovation, we’re helping to make America more energy-efficient.

In just a few short years, “green” has become a mainstream concept in the building industry. No longer limited to a few early adopters, the desire for efficient products is widely shared by homeowners, whether for new construction or renovation.

We’re thrilled to see this development. Because our energy-efficient products are built to serve that great majority of homeowners who seek proven performance along with beauty, quality and affordability.

That last point is important.

You don’t have to go out on a limb with a tremendously expensive, unproven technology in order to achieve superior levels of efficiency. We at Marvin have provided windows for some of the country’s most noteworthy “green” projects.
Kroon Hall, the home of Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, recently was certified Platinum LEED – using Marvin windows.

The first LEED-certified residence in our home state of Minnesota was built with Marvin windows.
And a modest bungalow renovation in Oakland, California, recently received the highest LEED score of any residential renovation*ever* in the United States – using Marvin windows, of course.

And here’s the kicker: that bungalow is the personal residence of the founder of the U.S. Green Building Council, which created and administers the LEED system!

Impressive as that may be, what’s even more impressive is that the average homeowner can easily get many of these same windows for his own renovation or construction project.

It’s as if the race car that won the Daytona 500 was also available as an affordably priced family sedan – with both power and practicality.

We currently offer more than 150,000 products certified under the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program. And more than 2,000 products that qualify under the even more stringent R-5 program.

Tripane with Krypton

Tripane with Krypton

Here at the International Builders’ Show, we’re introducing our most energy efficient window ever: a triple pane with Krypton gas that exceeds ENERGY STAR standards.

But we also want to reaffirm our support and praise for ENERGY STAR. The program is doing what it was intended to do: Bring energy efficiency to the average American home.

Showcase projects are an important way to demonstrate what’s possible on the cutting edge, and we always welcome the chance to showcase our windows and doors. But a handful of showcase projects won’t move America significantly toward greater energy efficiency.

That significant movement only occurs when millions of American homeowners choose modern, energy-efficient windows that use proven technology, are built to high standards and are affordably priced.

That’s what ENERGY STAR standards are accomplishing, and that’s why we’re proud of our partnership with ENERGY STAR.
Any company can say their products “meet” ENERGY STAR requirements. But there’s a difference between saying you meet the requirements, and actually going through the rigorous process of having your products qualified, tested and certified by ENERGY STAR.

At Marvin, we’ve taken the time and trouble to have our products tested and certified.

So when a homeowner sees the ENERGY STAR seal on one of our windows, they can be sure they’re getting a product that will significantly improve the efficiency of their home, saving them energy and money.

Yet as we bring the next generation of efficient products to market, we can’t lose the affordability that’s crucial for reaching the mainstream, where these efficient products really make their collective impact felt. At Marvin, we’re already working on the next generation of efficient windows and patio doors. As efficiency standards change, we’ll be ready.

And we’ll continue building products that fit as comfortably in a showcase dream home – as they do in your home.
Thank you.