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Finance & Commerce: Marvin Windows a pioneer in the development of high-performance windows


Minnesota business newspaper Finance & Commerce carried a story Monday about the state’s window industry and its constant efforts to pursue greater energy efficiency. Reporter Dan Heilman writes:

“In the marketplace today, consumers have created a big demand for energy-efficient products,” said Christine Marvin, head of product planning for Marvin Windows. “Fortunately, we were there to meet that trend. Now it’s an issue of dealing with stronger and stricter criteria that are in place.”

In the 1970s, Marvin Windows was considered a pioneer in the development of high-performance low-thermal emissivity (or low-E) windows, whose surface radiates or emits lower levels of heat energy, helping keep warm air inside during cold weather and out during summer.

According to Marvin, the ongoing progress of sustainability in the window market is the result of consumer demand, federal regulatory decrees such as Energy Star and the company’s internal ingenuity. [...]

“It’s a matter of push and pull,” Marvin said. “Consumers are educated: They want performance in their windows, and they want to save money.”

Read the full piece from Finance & Commerce.