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Fargo Forum newspaper: Integrity video campaign is a hit


A series of Web videos produced by Integrity Windows has been the center of much online chatter lately, and that popularity spilling over into the offline world, as well.

The “amazing builder skills” videos — showing incredible tricks executed with a tape measure, a “painting” of the Mona Lisa re-created with a nail gun and other construction-site stunts — are featured on the front page of today’s Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, the daily newspaper in Integrity’s hometown.

An excerpt from the story:

Fargo-based Integrity Windows and Doors has scored big on the Web site YouTube with a series of videos in which construction workers perform amazing feats with tools.

The five videos – one of which features a worker re-creating the “Mona Lisa” with a nail gun – have garnered more than 4 million online viewers, said Laurie Reding, the company’s director of marketing.

She laughed when asked if the tricks are real.

“I’m not going to tell you. That’s part of the fun with it,” she said.

Read the full story here, and you can watch all of the videos on Integrity’s Builder Blog.