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Dwell on What's New


Fans of modernism and Dwell Magazine flocked to the Los Angeles Convention Center for Dwell on Design last month. Billing itself as the largest design event in the country, Dwell LA showcases the latest in furniture, kitchen and bath products, accessories, lighting and even prefab construction. Lines are long to explore the tiny houses plunked in the middle of the show floor. And even though they don’t have garages, there’s a spot to ogle the new Prius and even take it for a test drive. Dwell LA is about modern living, as much as it is about modern design.

That being said, there were some interesting new products and technologies on display. Here are some you might be interested in for your home.

Outdoor living

1. Marvin Sliding Door Automatic Control

This new feature lets the company’s Ultimate Multi-Slide Door open with the click of a finger on a remote control. That may seem like no big deal, but envision yourself with a tray of margaritas, chips and salsa struggling to slide open a wall of glass door panels and you’ll see the beauty of this convenience. It can be especially helpful to mobility-challenged homeowners, seniors and children.