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Discover or create the window of your dreams with Marvin® Windows and Doors’ new iPad app


Beauty and benefits of windows brought to life with photos, specs, expert advice

Warroad, Minn., Aug. 1, 2012 – Marvin Windows and Doors is opening a window on convenience and efficiency for both consumers and contractors with a new iPad app.

The app will provide a vivid, tactile experience, bringing to life both the beauty and the benefits of selecting just the right window or door for a home or business. With the growing use of iPads among homeowners and building professionals, the time is right to showcase possibilities that buyers might not see while simply paging through a catalog.

The new app will deliver simple, user-focused content and functionality where it’s needed. For contractors, that means one-touch access to detailed specifications and product design features at the dealership or onsite with a client. For consumers surfing design solutions as they begin to plan their project, it means access to inspirational video and photography content, along with expert advice on design choices.

Features include:
• A quick tradesperson access point for contractors on the job site
• Contractor-friendly product pages with 3D viewer and window design functionality
• Dealer locator and mapping feature
• Inspirational photo gallery to help plan any project

“Windows and doors are defining elements of every home — its structure, function and design,” said Christine Marvin, marketing director for Marvin Windows and Doors. “We want to show homeowners and contractors the full range of solutions our portfolio extends to enhance the physical space in which they live and work, whether it is performance, innovative operation, the pure magnitude of our sizing matrixes to achieve unique architectural design, and the skillfully crafted beauty. Our windows and doors are truly transformational in both contemporary and traditional spaces, and this app demonstrates the possibilities.”

With Marvin’s new iPad app, consumers will be immersed in an experience where beautiful photography, expert commentary, videos and easily accessible product information all work together — bringing to life the benefits of finely designed, expertly crafted windows.

The new Marvin Windows and Doors app is available in the iTunes App Store now. View a demo and download the app at