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Cincinnati homeowner: Marvin windows "give the best bang for the buck"


Phil and Melissa Weisfelder recently built a “green” dream home to match their simple, natural lifestyle. The home aims to reduce costs in every way possible — from planting several fruits trees to cut back on grocery story trips to installing LED lighting to save on electricity.

The Cincinnati couple chose Marvin Windows to add to the home’s energy efficiency. According to an article from the Cincinnati Enquirer:

[Marvin Windows] “give the best bang for the buck,” Melissa said, and allowed them to increase the size of the windows enough that “I never turn the lights on during the day,” she said.

The building project took about 14 months to complete, but in the end, the family achieved its goals: waste no space, make the house as efficient as possible, maximize natural light and not duplicate any room.

Read the full story at for more details and many more photos of this beautiful home.