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Building Green for the Long Term


Brett Boyum, director of marketing

 Green Day at IBS got off to a great start with some fascinating insights from a news conference featuring Brett Boyum, director of marketing for Marvin Windows and Doors, along with Ed Linder of Whirlpool Corp. and Shane Judd from Kohler Co.

These three companies, longtime leaders in green manufacturing, sponsored this year’s Green Day.

Boyum stressed a holistic approach to sustainability, pointing out that “green” is more than just putting a product in a box. Companies that are truly concerned with sustainability will live out their commitment in all aspects of their operations, from recycling, to efficient manufacturing and transportation, to designing durability and quality into their products for longer life. (Learn more about Marvin’s green commitment here.)

Truly sustainable products are built to perform for the long term, according to Boyum. “It’s not just whether you can be energy efficient out of the box,” he said. “Will it still be energy efficient in 10 years?”