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A Christmas Carol for Marvin Windows


We were touched to see this lovely column in the Grand Forks Herald by Tom Dennis: “Marvin Windows is Warroad’s ‘Christmas Carol.’ ”

Since President Obama praised our commitment to community and employees in his speech last week, we’ve been getting a lot of nice pats on the back from friends, dealers and others who know our company. We appreciate the sentiments, although we’d be doing the same thing even if nobody had noticed.

But we’ll admit that being the subject of such a touching piece as Tom’s brings a little lump to our throats and a smile to our faces.

Things haven’t been easy in our industry these last few years, but by pulling together, we’ve kept going without losing the skills and dedication of the valued workers who are the lifeblood of our business — and our communities.

We know things will turn around, and when they do, our workers will share in the good times — just as they’ve shared the challenges of the tough times.