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10 design trends for 2013 from Marvin Windows and Doors


1. Multitasking: Rooms That Work

Specialty rooms like home theaters and offices are losing favor, according to the American Institute of Architects. Instead, homeowners are making their square footage work harder — and smarter – with multipurpose rooms that fill a variety of functions in family life.

2. Light-Filled Spaces

Natural lighting not only helps save money on electric bills – it can help brighten your mood. With modern, energy-efficient windows and skylights, homeowners can take advantage of the gift of sunlight – without sacrificing comfort or efficiency.

3. Energy Efficiency

The trend that won’t end, energy efficiency takes on a more prominent role in home design and construction with each passing year. Along with critical components like energy-efficient windows, architects and homeowners are incorporating once-rare features like geothermal heating/cooling and solar panels.

4. Storm-Resistant Design

Architects, builders and homeowners have a heightened awareness of the potential for severe weather-related events. Features like impact-resistant windows, outswing patio doors and water management systems are top of mind with today’s designers.

5. Multigenerational Living

Nearly one in five Americans lives in a multigenerational household – that’s up 50 percent since 1980, according to the Pew Research Center. An emerging design trend focuses on multigenerational floor plans, allowing each generation the option of retreating to their personal space or sharing social time with the family. So-called “granny flats” or self-contained apartments with private entrances are increasingly being incorporated into new designs.

6. Universal Design

Universal Design and products offer superior functionality, benefit a broad audience and have broad market appeal. UD is thoughtful design that improves the overall living experience and interaction a person has with their physical space, regardless of age and ability. Everyone can enjoy Universal Design, which may have beautiful and functional features such as lower counters and wall outlets, lever handles rather than round knobs, and low door sills like the Low Profile Sill offered with Marvin patio doors.

7. Contemporary

Design Clean and contemporary are the hallmarks of today’s most popular designs. From sleek loft spaces to uncluttered living areas, designers are planning spaces whose clean lines both soothe and energize. Marvin Windows is on top of this trend with dozens of new contemporary window styles that can be customized to any setting.

8. Infill and Higher Density 

Both young adults and older empty-nesters are embracing city living, with its noise, excitement and variety. As city buildings are remodeled and infill lots are redeveloped, builders have the chance to work with new techniques and materials for efficient, low-impact modern construction – such as super-efficient insulation and sound transmission class windows to minimize noise intrusion.

9. Valuing Heritage 

Americans want to do business with companies they trust – companies with a heritage of honesty, innovation and quality. More than 15 third- and fourth-generation Marvin family members work for the company today, keeping alive the family’s century-old commitment to its customers and communities.

10. Low-Maintenance Exteriors 

Ease of maintenance ranks high on every homeowner’s wish list, and nowhere is that more true than on the outside of the house. Features like durable extruded aluminum-clad windows and Apex® Ultrex® pultruded fiberglass siding can give decades of virtually maintenance-free service.

Download a printer-friendly PDF of this information: 10 Design Trends for 2013 from Marvin Windows and Doors