As part of the Marvin Signature® collection, Modern brings exceptional design, performance, and customer experience together—creating a product line that meets the exacting principles and standards of true modern architecture. An innovative high-density fiberglass material, leading thermal performance, consistent narrow sightlines, and a modular system all add up to the Modern product line—a seamless approach to modern design.

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See how the Modern line is stunning in both its design and engineering, letting you take the best of modern design and create a purely modern aesthetic at an even larger scale. 

Modern: Innovation inspired by you

  • Innovation inspired by you
    Signature Modern Direct Glaze Window Cross-Section

    Our High-Density Fiberglass material and proprietary frame design provide unparalleled thermal performance and durability. The Integrated Mull Channel, a structural cavity within the frame, allows you to add up to 1⁄2” of mull reinforcement without compromising sightlines. Frame recesses accept a drywall return, allowing for an easier wall integration and consistent frame reveal.


    A. Proprietary frame design helps keep interior temperatures comfortable

    B. The frame’s integrated mull channel preserves sightlines and supports structural performance

    C. Built-in drywall return for easy wall integration

  • Modern aesthetics
    Signature Modern Multi-Slide Door

    Every Modern product is designed to meet the exacting principles and standards of true modern architecture, with every critical detail considered. Low-gloss aluminum interiors—along with black spacer bars and black sealant—minimize visual distractions on the frame and enhance the flow of natural light. Internal covers completely disguise fasteners and concealing rubber gaskets to help products maintain clean, crisp edges.

  • Clean lines and simplicity
    Modern Dining Room With Signature Modern Direct Glaze Windows
    In a fast-paced world, the clean lines of modern architecture offer respite. With its emphasis on simplicity and large expanses of glass, modern design can foster deeper connections with the outdoors, bringing a greater sense of well-being to your everyday life.
  • Modular System
    Signature Modern Multi-Slide Door

    Our Modern products are designed to work together visually as a modular system. Consistent product profiles allow you to design with ease and confidence, and maintain narrow sightlines that are less than 3" even on mulled units.

    A variety of mulling options are available to achieve large assemblies with certified performance.

  • Leading Thermal Performance
    Signature Modern Direct Glaze Mulled Window Cross-Section
    We believe modern windows and doors should perform at scale. So we developed a new frame that’s strong, durable and thermally efficient. From exterior to interior, the frame is formed from a solid piece of High-Density Fiberglass and requires no additional material to aid in its thermal performance.
  • Delivery and Installation Ease
    Signature Modern Installation Box
    Modern was designed with intention, from product to process. Optimal packaging mitigates delivery damage, and product weight information is communicated from order to install to help plan for safe handling. Contained inside every shipment is our new Job Box, which includes all hardware, necessary items for installation and documentation in one convenient place. All products are designed with prefabricated and pre-configured components to enable an intuitive installation.

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