Marvin’s Tilt-In Hopper window is the perfect companion to the Tilt Turn. It can also be a smart solution for adding ventilation or light in a lower level or in combination with a non-operating window.

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  • Great option for adding ventilation or light
  • Space saving tilt in function
  • Works well with Tilt Turn or a Non-Operational window


  • Inswing Hopper: Inswing Hopper can be used as a venting transom over a door, part of a creative series, or in as a unique solution on its own.
  • Simulated Double Hung Hopper: The perfect solution for very large openings where the double hung window is preferred but size, operation or location may not be practical for Double Hung units..
  • Originally developed by Marvin Signature Services as a custom solution, this unique Simulated Double Hung Hopper is available by Special Order. See your Marvin dealer for more information on this specialty product.

    Standard Specifications

    • One-lite Low E2 with argon insulating glass
    • Bronze handle
    • Bare wood interior
    • Extruded aluminum clad exterior (clad units)
    • All-wood brick mould casing (wood units)
    • 2 13/32" and 4 9/16" jambs
    • DP40 performance rating

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