Marvin’s Tilt-In Hopper window is the perfect companion to the Tilt Turn. It can also be a smart solution for adding ventilation or light in a lower level or in combination with a non-operating window.

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  • Great option for adding ventilation or light
  • Space saving tilt in function
  • Works well with Tilt Turn or a Non-Operational window


  • Inswing Hopper: Inswing Hopper can be used as a venting transom over a door, part of a creative series, or in as a unique solution on its own.
  • Simulated Double Hung Hopper: The perfect solution for very large openings where the double hung window is preferred but size, operation or location may not be practical for Double Hung units..
  • Originally developed by Marvin Signature Services as a custom solution, this unique Simulated Double Hung Hopper is available by Special Order. See your Marvin dealer for more information on this specialty product.

    Standard Specifications

    • One-lite Low E2 with argon insulating glass
    • Bronze handle
    • Bare wood interior
    • Extruded aluminum clad exterior (clad units)
    • All-wood brick mould casing (wood units)
    • 2 13/32" and 4 9/16" jambs
    • DP40 performance rating

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    dxfClad Accessories
    dwgClad Accessories
    dxfClad Divided Lites(Windows)
    dwgClad Divided Lites(Windows)
    dxfClad Magnum Tilt Turn Hopper Operating
    dwgClad Magnum Tilt Turn Hopper Operating
    dwgClad Simulated Double Hung Hopper
    dxfUltimate Wood Accessories
    dwgUltimate Wood Accessories
    dwgWood Divided Lites(Tilt Turn)
    dxfWood Divided Lites(Tilt Turn)
    dxfWood Magnum Hopper Operating
    dwgWood Magnum Hopper Operating
    dwgClad Magnum Tilt Turn and Hopper
    dxfClad Magnum Tilt Turn and Hopper
    dwgWood Magnum Tilt Turn and Hopper
    dxfWood Magnum Tilt Turn and Hopper


    zipClad Window Library for Revit(2011)
    rfaClad Magnum Hopper
    zipClad Window Library for Revit

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