Ultimate Double Hung
Next Generation

A contemporary classic, our Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation window blends traditional beauty with state-of-the-art window performance.

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  • DESIGN VERSATILITY: With an array of simulated divided lite patterns, interior and exterior color options, ten hardware finishes, and hundreds of roundtop sizes.
  • EXCLUSIVE AUTOLOCK: Activates when the sashes are closed, locking the window.
  • ALUMINUM INTER-LOCK: Eliminates drafts and improves the window’s overall structural integrity.
  • NARROW CHECKRAIL: Provides a sleek aesthetic to maximize daylight opening while maintaining historical accuracy.
  • SASH BALANCE SYSTEMS: Enable smooth operation even at the largest sizes.
  • FIRST-RATE ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Meet ENERGY STAR standards in energy efficiency with multiple glass options for various regions, climates and weather needs.
  • EXPANSIVE SIZES: Up to 5’ wide by 10’ tall.

Standard Specifications

  • SUPERIOR WEATHER PERFORMANCE: The window’s performance ratings are top in class, including LC-PG50 on most sizes, CW-PG30 to CW-PG50 on most sizes, and IZ3 certified coastal options.
  • TRADITIONAL SILL BEVEL: The 14-degree bevel provides optimal water management while maintaining a classic look.
  • DURABLE EXTERIOR CLADDING: Made with the industry’s highest level of certification, AAMA 2605, extruded aluminum and backed by a 20-year warranty against chalking and fading.
  • TILT/WASH MODE: Allows for easy access to the exterior glass for cleaning and maintenance.
  • COMMERCIAL RATED (CW) PERFORMANCE: Available with commercial performance (CW) on windows up to 5 feet wide by 10 feet high.

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