Contemporary Casement

With a flush exterior frame and sash as well as a narrow frame the Marvin Contemporary Casement is perfect for projects looking to achieve a contemporary design. Available in large sizes and a square interior profile for massive views with streamlined sightlines. The Contemporary Casement looks impressive on its own or grouped with other windows.

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  • Available in crank out or push out
  • Flush exterior frame and sash
  • Narrow frame and jamb
  • CW-PG50 performance rating
  • Durable hardware system provides the widest open views, even at extra large sizes
  • Endless standard design options
  • Operable or non-operating units are available in special shapes
  • Revolutionary wash mode allows access to both sides of glass from indoors
  • Retractable Screen Option

How It Works

Revolutionary hardware allows the Contemporary Casement window to rotate inward, making both sides of the glass washable from the interior of the home — so your views are always clean.

  • Step 1: Crank handle twice.
  • Step 2: Push down on the hardware arm, and push the window away. Then crank arm back.
  • Step 3: Swing window all the way open, pulling it across toward the lock for accessibility to exterior glass.
  • Step 1

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Step 3

    Standard Specifications

    • One-lite Low E2 with argon insulating glass
    • Satin Taupe folding handle and sash lock
    • Bare wood interior
    • Extruded aluminum clad exterior (clad units)
    • 2 3/16” jambs
    • CW-PG50 performance rating

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    dxfClad Accessories
    dwgClad Accessories
    dwgClad Contemporary Casement Picture
    dxfClad Contemporary Casement Picture
    dwgClad Contemporary Casement Polygon
    dxfClad Contemporary Casement Polygon
    dwgClad Contemporary Casement, Operating
    dxfClad Contemporary Casement, Operating
    dwgClad Contemporary Casement, Stationary
    dxfClad Contemporary Casement, Stationary
    dwgClad Contemporary Push Out Casement Picture
    dxfClad Contemporary Push Out Casement Picture
    dwgClad Contemporary Push Out Casement, Operating
    dxfClad Contemporary Push Out Casement, Operating
    dwgClad Contemporary Push Out Casement, Stationary
    dxfClad Contemporary Push Out Casement, Stationary
    dxfClad Divided Lites(Windows)
    dwgClad Divided Lites(Windows)
    dwgClad Contemporary Casement
    dxfClad Contemporary Casement


    zipClad Contemporary Casement Mutliple Wide
    zipClad Window Library for Revit(2011)
    zipClad Contemporary Casement
    zipClad Contemporary Casement Picture
    zipClad Contemporary Push Out Casement
    zipClad Contemporary Push Out Casement Picture
    zipClad Ultimate Casement Collection for Revit
    zipClad Window Library for Revit

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