Contemporary Awning

The Marvin Contemporary Awning features a flush exterior frame and sash as well as a narrow frame resulting in maximum glass area and a clean aesthetic. It is available in sizes that set the industry standard for large windows, so you can achieve larger than ever openings for better airflow and expansive views. The Contemporary Awning can be used on its own or as a complement to Contemporary Casement or Direct Glaze windows to add ventilation.

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Features & Options
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  • Available in crank out or push out
  • Flush exterior frame and sash
  • Narrow frame and jamb
  • LC-PG50 performance rating
  • Durable hardware system provides the widest open views, even at extra large sizes
  • Endless standard design options
  • Retractable Screen Option

Standard Specifications

  • One-lite Low E2 with argon insulating glass
  • Retractable screen option available
  • Satin Taupe folding handle and sash lock
  • Bare wood interior
  • Extruded aluminum clad exterior
  • 2 3/16” jambs
  • Installation hardware
  • Many mull configurations are AAMA450 certified for replacement units
  • LC-PG50 performance rating

Professional Resources
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Installation Instructions

pdfMarvin UCA/UAWN and URCA/URAWN Supplemental Installation Instruction
pdfRetractable Screen
pdfRetractable Screen Finishing
pdfRetractable Screen Pull Bar Replacement Field Applied Instruction
pdfRetractable Screen Pull Handle Field Applied Instruction
pdfSentry II Hand Held Remote Operating Instructions, a.k.a. Sentry II Remote
pdfSentry II Installation Instructions
pdfSentry II Power Drive for Marvin Supplemental Instruction for Bracket and Cover Application
pdfSignature Retractable Screen – Casement and Awning - Installation and Service Instruction
pdfSignature Ultimate Wood Window Installation New Wood Frame Construction
pdfApplying Structural Brackets
pdfLeveling the Sill Window and Door Supplemental Instruction
pdfMaking a Template for Special Windows
pdfMarvin Window and Door Mulling Field Applied Instructions
pdfMarvin Window Full Frame Tear Out Installation Instructions
pdfMarvin Window Rough Opening Measuring Instructions
pdfSignature Structural Masonry Clip Instructions
pdfWindow Installations Storm Plus and Structural Installations
pdfClear Interior Finish Touch Up
pdfRectangular Clad Brick Mould Casing - Field Service Guide Field Applied Instructions for 1 5/16" and 1 5/8" Casing
pdfSignature Clad Flat Casing
pdfGeneral Painting / Staining and Care
pdfInstallation Bracket Instructions
pdfJamb Extension Installation Field Applied Instructions
pdfMarvin Lock Status Sensor Integration Instructions
pdfMarvin Lock Status Sensor Window Display Installation Instructions
pdfMarvin Window Sticker Example
pdfPainted Interior Finish Touch Up Field Applied Instructions
pdfRetrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again.
pdfStained Interior Finish Touch Up Field Applied Instructions
pdfWindow and Door Installation Instructions - Europe
pdfWindow Rough Opening Prep and Flashing
pdfEssential Frame Expander Field Applied Instruction

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