A new spin
on a classic

Adored for generations.
Reinvented once more.

Craft means honoring the past, while finding ways to push the envelope. So we started with one of the most iconic rock songs of the ’60s: “I Can See for Miles.” Then we went searching for the perfect band of today to update it for the 21st century.

Listen to The Highfields’ reimagined version of “I Can See For Miles.”

An Original Sound, Handcrafted From the Heart

The Highfields’ unique musical style starts with its two founding members — Nate and Kaelie Highfield. They met while touring with separate bands and decided to team up — both in music and in marriage. Their energetic, indie-pop sound was the perfect lens through which to reimagine “I Can See for Miles.” Watch how they approached this classic and found a way to put their own spin on it.

“Every year I live, I feel I know better than the year before. That motivates me to keep progressing and keep working and changing and experimenting.”

— Nate Highfield, Guitarist & Lead Singer

Crafting a Classic

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As much of a signature for the Marvin brand as the yellow rose in our logo, the double hung window has been the most popular product we make since it was first introduced in 1955. To this day, the double hung remains our most iconic window. Crafted by heritage. Maintained by innovation.

The Ultimate in Innovation

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Time and again our double hung windows have outpaced the competition with revolutionary innovations like patented hardware and the tilt-and-wash function. It’s why our newest iteration, the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung, received the 2015 Best of International Builders’ Show Award by the National Association of Home Builders. And it’s why our customers can continue to expect the very best.

See Our Newest Innovation

Better with Each Generation

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To remain at the top of the industry requires constant reinvention, and the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung Window is no exception. This new window features groundbreaking features like all wood interior, automatic locking, and a vent mode that enables the window to lock while open 4 inches. Proof that no matter how well something is made, there’s always room for improvement.

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