Marvin Modern
Multi-Slide Door

Combine product ingenuity with pure modern aesthetics and the result is truly stunning. The Marvin Modern line is made to be built big and perform at scale, complemented by the power of critical design details.

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  • Large expanses of glass for maximum views with numerous configurations and sizes available
  • Consistent panel thickness with narrow stiles and rails, regardless of configuration or size
  • Minimalist hardware designed for superior functionality, features a sleek and modern form
  • Three sill options are available in flush, performance, and high performance
  • Rated up to LC-PG40 for impressive performance
  • Over 30 configurations available
  • Uni-Directional configurations: 1 to 6 panels, available in stacked or pocket
  • Bi-Parting configurations: 2 to 10 panels, available in stacked or pocket
  • Sized to order in up to 6' x 12' panels
  • Meeting stiles are less than 3" wide


Dig into the dimensions of our new Marvin Modern windows and doors. The visualizer helps you see all your design possibilities and includes all direct glaze shapes and multi-slide configurations. It’s an essential tool that can help you discuss your design vision and collaborate with clients and your Marvin Modern dealer.

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dwgModern Multi-Slide Pocket Door
dxfModern Multi-Slide Pocket Door
dwgModern Multi-Slide Stacked Door
dxfModern Multi-Slide Stacked Door
dwgModern Multi-Slide Door
dxfModern Multi-Slide Door


lcfArchiCAD Modern Library


rfaModern Multi-Slide Pocket Door Bi-Parting
rfaModern Multi-Slide Pocket Door Uni-Directional
rfaModern Multi-Slide Stacked Door Bi-Parting
rfaModern Multi-Slide Stacked Door Uni-Directional
zipModern Multi-Slide Pocket Door Bi-parting Revit Details
zipModern Multi-Slide Pocket Door Uni-Directional Revit Details
zipModern Multi-Slide Stacked Door Bi-Parting Revit Details
zipModern Multi-Slide Stacked Door Uni-Directional Revit Details


skpModern Multi-Slide Pocket Door Bi-Parting
skpModern Multi-Slide Pocket Door Uni-Directional
skpModern Multi-Slide Stacked Door Bi-Parting
skpModern Multi-Slide Stacked Door Uni-Directional