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Effective February 26, 2018 Wood Tilt Pac products will be consolidated into a more simplified offering with some options moved to discontinued status.
• Standard wood species will be limited to pine
       o Mahogany and Vertical Grain Douglas Fir are available as custom wood species
• Glazing is limited to IG only
    o Single Strength Glass (SSG) glazing option discontinued
If replacing a single glaze with insulated new jamb hardware with balances may be required since IG sash will be heavier.
• Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) is the lone divided lite option
     o Authentic divided lite (ADL) option discontinued
• Cope options
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• Exterior Sash lugs will match those available for the Wood Ultimate Double Hung window
o A Solid Integrated wood exterior sash lug will be available.
• The Boston sash option will be discontinued
Warranty sash replacements will be manufactured with current options only
  • If only a top or bottom sash is required, and the customer requests additional sash
    • If only 1 additional sash for the same unit Marvin Windows and Doors will supply the additional sash, however the potential exists new jamb hardware may be required (I.E. complete wood tilt pac unit)
    • If sash is requested for other units the customer will need to purchase, however the potential exists that new jamb hardware may be required (I.E. complete tilt pac unit)
Components moving to a discontinued status will be removed from OMS. Orders for discontinued items will not be accepted via comment line or ETO. Any questions regarding Wood Tilt Pac replacement parts should be directed to your Marvin Customer Care Agent.
These discontinued Wood Tilt Pac options are still available in the Wood Ultimate Double Hung line of windows. Please visit www.marvin.com for more information on the complete line of Marvin products.
Upon release, refer to OMS or the Marvin Price Guide for the most current pricing and availability.