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Effective February 26, 2018 Marvin will be moving the Wood Ultimate Glider (WUGL) product line to obsolete status.  
Upon the obsolescence date, the following WUGL products will no longer be available to purchase.
  • Wood Ultimate Glider (WUGL)
  • Wood Ultimate Glider Picture (WUGLP)
  • Wood Ultimate Glider Triple Sash (WUGLTS)
  • What window will be replacing the WUGL?
    • The Clad Ultimate Glider product line will be Marvin’s current offering for a Glider window.
  • Will complete WUGL units be available after obsolescence?
    • Yes.  However, a 25% obsolete product price increase will be applied to full units.  It is strongly encouraged to convert any Glider needs to the CUGL product line.
  • Will both sash and frames be available for replacement?
    • Yes.  A 25% obsolete product price increase will be applied.
  • What configured and replacement parts will see the obsolete product price increase?
Obsolescence Product Price Increase25% Applies25% Does Not Apply 
Complete UnitsX  
Options on complete units X 
Configured replacement sash or frameX  
Configured replacement parts* X 
Replacement parts by part number X 
* Configured parts, i.e. screens and combinations 
  • How long will Marvin provide replacement parts for obsolete WUGL products?
    • Marvin will provide replacement parts to fulfill warranty requirements.
      • 10 years parts and workmanship
      • 20 years glass seal and aluminum finishes (excluding anodized)
  • Will replacement parts for WUGL products, i.e. weather strip, hardware locks, and other replaceable components incur the 25% obsolete product price increase?
    • No, not upon the initial obsolescence.  The availability of components will be evaluated based upon demand and supplier ability to produce.  Replacement parts may be subject to future price increases and/discontinuation.
  • Will Marvin provide replacement sash to satisfy the 20-year glass warranty?
    • Yes, Marvin will fulfill warranty requirements.
  • How do I submit a warranty request for an obsolete product?
    • Contact your Marvin representative for assistance with any warranty issues.
  • How do I order replacement parts for obsolete WUGL products, i.e. weather strip, hardware locks and other replaceable components?
    • The WUGL Parts Manual will be marked as obsolete but remain available on Marvin Online Document Library (MODL). Replacement parts can be ordered via OMS by part number.
  • How do I order complete units after the obsolescence date?
    • Contact your Marvin Representative for assistance.
  • How do I order sash or other configured parts after the obsolescence date?
    • In OMS via configured parts.
  • How will Marvin handle delayed projects that were quoted WUGL prior to being made obsolete?
    • It is highly recommended that the project be ordered prior to the obsolescence date or converted to Clad Ultimate Glider product to avoid the 25% obsolete product price increase. 
  • What CUGL products are currently available?
  • Clad Ultimate Glider (CUGL)
  • Clad Ultimate Glider Picture (CUGLP)
  • Clad Ultimate Glider Triple Sash (CUGLTS)
  • Clad Ultimate Glider OXXO (CUGLOXXO)
For information on Marvin’s Clad Ultimate Glider (CUGL) and to see Marvin’s complete line of window and door products and options, please visit Marvin.com