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Here is an article found in the August 1986 Cross Grain:
"A Touch of Class"

"Why the Yellow Rose?" is a question that is often asked by visitors as well as employees. With a desire to accurately answer this question I spoke to Gordy Augustson who worked for Colle-Mcvoy (the first advertising agency Marvin Windows employed) at the time our logo, theme and symbol were chosen. Mr. Augustson reflected back, "In 1968, Marvin Windows was just a small company with the right idea. We had just presented the people at Marvins with an advertising program and were on our way home to Minneapolis. We were discussing the theme we were developing for Marvins when our account supervisor came up with the idea of the Yellow Rose. It was nothing profound at the time, but seemed to fit the theme we were developing."  The program Colle-Mcvoy developed for Marvins back in 1968 originated the selling theme--"Built for the coldest winters; designed for beauty environment; and ideal for North and South and charming.  Shortened to: MARVIN WINDOWS BUILT FOR NORTHERN WINTERS AND SOUTHERN CHARM! Colle-Mcvoy felt it necessary that Marvins not only have a unique theme but a distinctive symbol or trademark as well. "The idea came to mind," said Mr. Augustson, "that you cannot have a yellow rose flourishing without an ideal environment and that the wood and insulating glass of Marvin Windows would be able to provide just that 'perfect environment' that the yellow rose needed." Thus the Yellow Rose was chosen to be Marvin's symbol.  Although themes change, trademarks remain. Our Yellow Rose has remained from its inception representing the strength and beauty our Marvin Windows provide.  And as Bill Marvin says, "IT ADDS A TOUCH OF CLASS."

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