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The sash limiter arm is a true sash limiter. The snap studs screw into the sash and frame and when the unit opens the arm unfolds and reaches 3-4" long and stops the sash from opening. They can only be removed by prying off of the studs over the snap ring

The limiter arm assembly is paired with the friction limiter track assembly on push out casement units only. The friction limiter track mounted on the sash has a lever on it when turned on direction locks the sash in at  4 or 5 different stops varying in degrees. Starts 20-30 degrees open allows the sash to open to 90 maybe the stops are about every 15 degrees. If the lever is turned the opposite direction the stops do not engage and the sash can just swing from closed to open 90 degrees on the hinges. This really only gives the homeowner control of the sash so it is not swinging in the wind. Gives the push out casement some stopping ability.

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