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All Ultrex Casement, Awning, Single/Double Hung, Glider and Direct Glaze Rectangles are available for insert application. Assemblies using these product types are also available for insert application.

Characteristics of All Ultrex Inserts:
  • Width and height entry methods default to Inside Opening
    • Frame size is also available as an entry method
  • Through Jamb Installation is the default installation method
    • Nailing fin or structural brackets can be selected instead 
  • Frame filler is a default interior accessory, which results in 2 ¼” jambs for a 3 ¼” overall frame depth for traditional replacement application – see details from Product Bulletin No. 135, shown below
    • ¾” receiver, sheetrock/drywall return or “none” can be selected for the interior and result in a 2” base frame with 3 3/32” overall frame depth  
  • Pre-cut frame expander is available for easy assembly
    • Color matched to exterior of the unit
    • 1” or 3” wide options
  • Jamb extensions and exterior casings are not available