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Article No. 000006139

The frame is the stationary portion of a window that encloses either the glass (direct glaze) or the sash (operating or stationary) and consists of the following parts:

1. HEAD JAMB: The top frame member.

2. SILL: The bottom frame member.

3. SUB-SILL: The supplemental member used under most awning and casement units as an additional sill with the primary

purpose being to hold multiple units together at the sill.

4. SIDE JAMB: Side or vertical frame members.

5. JAMB EXTENSION: The addition onto the standard jamb to adapt a window unit to deeper wall thicknesses, in most cases will be factory applied unless specified otherwise.

6. BRICK MOULD OR FLAT CASING: The exterior trim member applied to the side jambs and head jamb on wood units. Often used to secure the window to the wall opening.

7. BLIND STOP: The frame member on a double hung window located between the jambs and the casing. The blind stop forms a rabbet that supports either a storm sash or screen.