FAQ Knowledge Articles

Recessed Sill - This is the standard default sill for Lift and Slide. It provides no drainage. If water migrated over the track or through the interlock, it has no way to exit. This sill does not offer a performance warranty rating.

Recessed Sill with Drainage - This option is available as an option with the standard recessed sill. The weep design allows water which migrates to the interior of the track to weep to exterior. Site prep requirements for pumping. It is a non-rated sill for performance.

Flush-Mounted Sill - It is best suited for interior and pass-through applications. No change to floor level and structural load requirements. Route floor to allow track to sit flush. Sill is non-rated for performance.

Performance Sill - The newest option is the performance sill which meets WDMA DP30 within the following parameters: Clad product only, uni-directional (bi-parting not certified) up to four panels, panel size up to CN 50100 and largest certified unit is CN 200100.