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Marvin introduced the Interior Shade slide tensioner June 29th, 2015.

Marvin Windows and Doors is pleased to announce a new slide tensioner for the Ultimate Casement, Double Hung, Direct Glaze, and Swinging Door Interior Shades. The slide tensioner eliminates the need to tie any of the knots under tension. Instead, the cord is routed through three holes in the tensioner and then back through one of the loops. Once the tensioner is hooked to the spring, the loose end of the cord is pulled to add tension to the system. The tension in the system holds the knot (created by going back through the loop) tight. The slide tensioner also eliminates the need for chain links in all window shades (UCA, DG, and DH) and reduces the swinging door shades to just one link per spring (for detaching the spring for field finishing). The slide tensioner cannot be retrofitted to an existing interior shade system.

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