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The Trimco multi-point lock box was discontinued August 27, 2013.  For future replacements there are two options.
  • One is the replacement of the entire door system with a current door offering.
  • The second option is to replace door panel(s) with our current Amerock hardware system. This option requires a new panel(s) with the current multi-point hardware installed and a new strike plate for jamb latch configuration. This strike plate will be shaped the same as the Trimco strike plate but will be machined for current Amerock latches. This strike plate will be available in stainless steel only.
If your door was manufactured before 4-1-1996, it will require new hinges.

On an XX configuration where both panels have multi-point hardware it will require replacement of both panels. With this option all current panel strike plate color options are available.

If the secondary panel is stationary or has head and foot bolts it will require a Trimco panel strike machined for Amerock multi-point hardware in stainless steel only. When ordering replacement panel, please specify pre-2011.